New Year.

Looking forward to some upcoming releases I´ve contributed to this year:

My next 7inch vinyl on Galatea Records
Troyka – Ornithophobia, Naim Records, I produced the album.
Marius Neset – Pinball
Django Bates – Tenacity
Amok Amor feat. C.Lillinger/P.Evans/Wanja Slavin
and a lot of other things.

My 7″ Vinyl is out! Buy it directly from me, Galatea Records, HHV.DE, Itunes or Amazon.

Christian Lillinger – Drums
Christopher Dell – Vibraphone
Otis Sandsjö – Tenor
Philipp Gropper – Tenor
Hanna Paulsberg – Tenor
Marcelo Gabard Pazos – Alto
Wanja Slavin – Alto
Francis Fuego – Synth
Jacob Anderskov – Piano
Petra Feuer – Vibraphone
Frank Woland – Synth