Frans Petter Eldh was obsessed with Jazz, Classical, Soul, Reggae, Swedish folk music, Middle-Eastern and Hip Hop at an early age and collected vinyl since the age of 7. He initially played guitar before switching to what became his primary instrument, the double bass. Early influences, Charles Mingus, Anders Jormin, Charlie Haden, Charlie Parker, A Tribe Called Quest, Monica Zetterlund, Samla Mammas Manna, Aretha Franklin and Earth Wind and Fire have guided his diverse output as a musician.
Long-standing collaborations include the following erratic and progressive forces:
Amok Amor, Django Bates Beloved, Jameszoo Quartet, Enemy (Kit Downes/James Maddren), Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low, Hayden Chisholm, Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity, Peter Bruun, Christian Lillinger, Benoit Delbecq and Kaja Draksler. As a producer he has remixed work by Jameszoo – Flake (Brainfeeder), Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra – Vula (Afterhours), Speak Low (Enja) and releases his own music on Galatea Records.

Selected releases in 2018 include Otis Sandsjö presents Y-Otis – (We Jazz records) (Produced by Petter Eldh), ENEMY – feat. Kit Downes & James Maddren (Edition Records) (Produced and mixed by Petter Eldh).

Selected releases in 2017 include Django Bates Beloved – The Study of Touch (ECM), Amok Amor – We Know Not What We Do (Intakt), Susanne Sundfør – Music For People In Trouble (Bella Union), Richard Spaven – The Self, Lucia Cadotsch Speak Low – Renditions (Enja), Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity – Live in Europe (Clean Feed)

Old bio.

Frans Petter Eldh
Born in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Three events that shaped Frans Petter´s musical journey:
Bought his first hip hop album when he was nine years old. Dr. Dre – The Chronic.
Bought his first album with extreme improvisation when he was 13. That was a Charlie Parker compilation. After one week of constantly listening to the multilayered flow of Charlie Parker he heard Peter Brötzmann play live.